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All plans include:

  • Dynamic helpdesk app, adds customers data right where its needed.
  • Unlimited agent accounts.
  • Smart links to the marketplace for easy on-site admin.
  • Unlimited email support (excludes free plans).
  • Sales analytics dashboard.
  • Customer specific order history, one click from your helpdesk.
  • Consolidated sales dashboard, mobile friendly.
  • Instant search. Locate any order in seconds. Great for phone support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try oFlow before I pay for it?

Absolutely! oFlow comes standard with an unlimited 30 day free trial. Try it out with as many orders or team members as you like.


What happens if I go over my monthly limit?

We will send you a notification well before you go over your montly limit, giving you time to review and adjust your account plan accordingly.

What happens to my data if I cancel my account?

We keep your data safe and secure for 90 days after you cancel your account. During that time, you can easily join again without waiting for your enture order history to syncronize. After that time, all of your order history is securly deleted.


I don't know how many orders I get per month.

Not to worry. Just sign up to the basic plan and your subscription can adjust and grow as you do. Our trial period has an unlimited order volume for you to test the waters.

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