Built out of necessity

As owners of our own online e-commerce business, we understand just how important time is to you and to your profits. Providing excellent customer service has always been at our core and it can be costly.

Clicking back and forth between windows, logging into marketplaces, constantly searching and not having the information where needed hugely frustrating! Hiring more people is expensive and often not practical for small businesses. We thought there must be a better way so started on our quest for a better solution.

An idea to lessen our pain and speed up our day started as a clunky spreadsheet and some wonky coding into our help desk system. It partly did the job but was not pretty and was defiantly not reliable. We loved what it allowed us do and eventually decided it was time to turn our idea into a fully integrated solution; truly useful and scalable with our business.

oFlow was born.

Using the Linnworks order management system, oFlow puts customers information right where you need it; Directly in your help desk with no searching required.

But this is just the start. We have already added some other great tools and there are plenty more in development. oFlow aims to help you and your agents work smarter and faster. Check out all the features that oFlow has to offer and please do contact us if you feel anything is missing. We want to build oFlow to be truly powerful and love to help!

Try it today for free.